Magnetic Persuasion

Create Instant Influence

This program will give you a distinct advantage over your competition.

18 MP3 Audios, Manual & Application Guide
"Magnetic Persuasion is one of the most incredible courses I’ve ever released."
As you learn these skills you will Master your life and increase your income. You will learn skills known only by the ultra-prosperous. You will learn and master a new skill every day for a full year. In every situation, you’ll feel in control. You’ll know exactly what to say and do. So invest in yourself and your future.

You will not learn the old tired tactics of the Ben Franklin close or the ol bait and switch. You will learn how to influence the mind of your prospects, persuade them to join your business. Think with me, what would this be worth to you?

As you study Magnetic Persuasion you will discover advanced psychological techniques that will expand your mind.

You can Experience the Power of this!

Imagine being able to overcome objections before they happen, Know what your prospect is thinking and feeling, feel more confident in your ability to persuade.

  Be the master of your destiny, and control your financial future.

Invest in your future, invest in your income, and be proactive about who you are and what you want to become. Everything you want in life, somebody else has and you need to know how to persuade to get it.

Imagine where you would be now if you had Mastered these skills only a few short years ago. How many millions of dollars have you lost? Remember when you need to persuade someone, it is too late to learn.

For a limited time, this is what you get with my Magnetic Persuasion BUNDLE Special:
  •  Magnetic Persuasion Audio Boot Camp (18 MP3s)
  • ​Never be told “I can’t afford it again”
  • ​Effortlessly build rapport with any personality type
  • ​The 5 objections your prospects always have and how to overcome them
  • ​How to create huge value to eliminate price resistance
  • ​Create instant action through ethical urgency
  •  Magnetic Persuasion Manuel
  • ​Know exactly what the person you want to persuade is thinking and feeling.
  • ​How to have absolute confidence in what you’re saying
  • ​Overcome objections before they are even brought up!
  • ​RESIST persuasion so you don’t fall into unethical traps!
  • ​Harness the 18 most powerful words and put them to use
  •  Magnetic Persuasion Application Guide
  • The 12 Laws of Persuasion
  •  Why 95% of persuasion involves a subconscious trigger
  • ​How to get the yes, when they say no.
  • Things you are saying, projecting and doing that repel your prospect
  • The Pre Persuasion Checklist
  •  Magnetic Persuasion Audio Training
  • 1. Power of Persuasion
  • 2. Law of Dissonance
  • 3. Law of Obligation
  • 4. Law of Connectivity
  • 5. Law of Social Validation
  • 6. Law of Scarcity
  • 7. Law of Verbal Packaging
  • 8. Law of Contrast
  • 9. Law of Expectations
  • 10. Law of Involvement
  • 11. Law of Esteem
  • 12. Law of Association
  • 13. Law of Balance
  • 14. Pre–Persuasion Checklist
  • 15. 10 Aspects of Great Persuaders
  • 16. Persuasion Blunders
  • 17. Success Blueprint
  • 18. Present with Power

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