The easiest way to double your income is to double your persuasion skills. Remember when you need to persuade someone, it is too late to learn. Magnetic Persuasion is literally the difference between knowing what you want– and getting it, anytime, anyplace, from anybody. Create unimaginable wealth, transform your career, and strengthen your relationships.

  •  Know exactly what the person you want to persuade is thinking and feeling.
  • Overcome objections before they are even brought up!
  • Never be told “I can’t afford it again”
  •  The 5 objections your prospects always have and how to overcome them
  •  Effortlessly build rapport with any personality type
Have you ever met someone that did not seem that sharp, but was making 10 times more money than you? What did they have that you needed? Wealth is an open book test. Now you can have all the answers to achieve success and wealth. It is pretty simple when you think about it. When you start acting, thinking and doing what millionaires do —- You become a millionaire.
  •  Enable your powerful subconscious mind to work for you, not against you
  • Redirect your thoughts to help your win the game of life
  • Free yourself from false ideas about your relationship with money
  •  Develop an irresistible attraction to wealth and success
  •   Power tools of millionaires: Wealth is an open book test
In business and in life, your ability to persuade others can mean the difference between success and failure. But do you have a high PQ, or Persuasion Intelligence Quotient? Can you convince anyone-at work or at home-about anything, any time? You’ll quickly realize how powerful these techniques can be in both business and your personal life. So whether you’re selling a product, an idea, a plan, or yourself, Persuasion IQ gives you the tools and the confidence to succeed-every time!
  •  Discover the top 10 traits of power persuaders
  •   Create a psychological edge over your prospect
  • Top 10 blunders that are costing you money
  •  Create instant rapport that cause prospects to open up
  •   4 proven techniques that cause prospects to persuade themselves
You will discover how to present with confidence, charisma and power. You will learn the basics of overcoming your nervousness to the advanced speaking skills. Do you know how to handle a heckler? Answer the tough questions you don’t know? Keep control of your audience? Handle the rough audience? I will teach you all the skills you need to know to become a persuasive speaker and trainer.
  •  Use the 4 secret motivators to inspire others to get what you want
  •   The presentation formula of winning persuasive presentations
  • Discover the 4 things that have to happen in the first 5 minutes of your presentation
  •    4 components to win an audience every time
  •   How some presentation skills hurt your ability to persuade
Did you know that 66% of the objections you hear are lies? The worst thing you can do as a persuader is solve their objection when it was never really their objection. It was a knee jerk reaction and you bought into their fake objection. Your goal as a master persuader is to solve objections before they happen. If you are tired of getting No’s or people not calling you back learn how to turn a no into a yes and a yes into a sale now.
  •  Discover why most objections are lies and solving them hurts your ability to persuade
  •   How to turn a no into a yes and a yes into a sale
  •  Master the ability to presolve objections before they sabotage your sales
  •  Why your prospect buys from someone else after you persuaded them
  •    Develop a call to action that causes your prospect to ask “how do I get started”
Negotiation is a different form of persuasion. There is a time to persuade, a time to influence and a time to negotiate. What underhanded tactics are other negotiators using on you? How can you counteract them? These are recordings from a live 3 day negotiation bootcamp. We get down in the trenches and reveal the secrets that only top negotiators know. Everything you want in life, somebody else has… You just need to know how to negotiate to get it!
  •  Dirty deeds unscrupulous negotiators will use against you
  •   Discover negotiation secrets only known to seasoned negotiation professionals
  •  Top 3 mistakes average negotiators frequently make
  •  Formula for your pre negotiation checklist
  •    Master the priceless ability of detecting deception
Some people have the ability to enter a room and draw instant attention, effortlessly exuding charm, radiating energy and a commanding presence. That enviable quality is called charisma! Charisma is the key that will unlock the door to improved relationships, greater income, and enhanced success in every area of life. “The Laws of Charisma” is all anyone needs to bring out the charismatic person within.
  • Get others to believe in you, trust you, and be influenced by you.
  •   Emanate energy, conviction, and assurance.
  •   Energize everyone around you with our enthusiasm, passion and   expectations.
  •   Win contagious cooperation from event the unlikeliest of allies.
  •   Get others to not only want to do what you want them to do… but beg you to do it.
Now is the time to perfect those persuasion skills. Everything you want in life is on the other side of persuasion. Did you know the average persuader only uses 3-4 persuasion techniques? There are over 100 different persuasion tools you can learn and master. I have monitored and categorized the skills of top persuaders for over a decade. They are doing things that you are not doing.
  •   Persuade without detection using the proper story selling formula
  •    4 steps to cause anyone to change (products, services or themselves)
  •   10 common mistakes persuaders make that cost them most of their sales
  •    Self persuasion techniques only known by the ultra prosperous
  •   How you can incorporate strategic humor that doubles rapport
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