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The Secrets of Master Persuaders
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The 10 Skills You Need to Get Exactly What You Want!
In business and in life, your ability to persuade others can mean the difference between success and failure, or between mere success and spectacular success. But do you have a high PQ, or Persuasion Intelligence Quotient? Can you convince anyone at work or at home-about anything, any time? You’ll quickly realize how powerful these techniques can be in both business and your personal life, Mastering these techniques will translate directly to: winning more clients, “reading” people more quickly and accurately, deriving more satisfaction from personal and family relationships, closing more sales, earning more than you ever dreamed….And, perhaps most important, hearing that magic word “YES!” more often. So whether you’re selling a product, an idea, a plan, or yourself, Persuasion IQ gives you the tools and the confidence to succeed every time!

For a limited time, this is what you get with my Persuasion IQ BUNDLE Special:
1. What Is Your Persuasion IQ? The New Rules of Success and Wealth
2. Persuasion Resistance: Ten Common Obstacles That Limit Your Persuasion Success
3. PQ Skill #1: Mental Programming of Top Persuaders
4. PQ Skill #2: Understanding How Your Audience Thinks
5. PQ Skill #3: Instant Rapport and Social Synchronization
6. PQ Skill #4: Establishing Automatic Trust
7. PQ Skill #5: Command Attention with Power and Authority
8. PQ Skill #6: The Ability to Influence Other People
9. PQ Skill #7: How to Motivate Yourself and Others Every Time
10. PQ Skill #8: Advanced Presentation and Communication Skills
11. PQ Skill #9: Preplanned Anticipation: The Secret Formulas of the Pros
12. PQ Skill #10: Self-Mastery and Personal Development
  •  Persuasion IQ Audio Boot Camp (12 MP3’s) AND Application Guide
  • ​Discover the top 10 traits of power persuaders
  • ​Understand exactly what your audience is thinking and feeling
  • ​How to know what form of power to use to get a yes
  • ​Where do your skills rank in the world of persuasion and influence
  • Blunders that you are doing that cause persuasion resistance
  • ​Create a psychological edge over your prospect
  • ​Top 10 blunders that are costing you money
  • ​Create instant rapport that causes prospects to open up
  • ​Everything you need to know before you persuade
  • ​4 proven techniques that cause prospects to persuade themselves
$79   NOW ONLY $37 for a limited time only
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