Power Negotiation

The Seminar

This program will give you a distinct advantage over your competition.

3 Day Negotiation Seminar MP3 Audios
" Get what you want, when you want and win friends for life!"
Did you know that 66% of the objections you hear are lies? Would your prospects really lie to you? Yes they do. Why do we do what we do? Now you can finally learn how to understand human nature. You can tell if someone is lying to you or telling you the truth. The worst thing you can do as a persuader is solve their objection when it was never really their objection. It was a knee jerk reaction and you bought into their fake objection. Your goal as a master persuader is to solve objections before they happen. If you are tired of getting No’s or people not calling you back. These audios will change your life, your profession and your income.
For a limited time, this is what you get with my Power Negotiation BUNDLE Special:
Day 1
Traits of Top Persuaders

Your Success Blueprint

Science of Trust

Verbal Business Card
Day 2
4 R’s of Resistance

Timing is Everything

Negotiation Blunders

The “Dirty Deeds”

Day 3
  •   Dirty deeds unscrupulous negotiators will use against you
  •  Discover negotiation secrets only known to seasoned negotiation professionals
  •   Top 3 mistakes average negotiators frequently make
  • What is the blueprint used to guarantee your negotiation success
  •  Formula for your pre negotiation checklist
  •  How following your natural instinct will cost you millions
  •  Master the priceless ability of detecting deception
  •  How to develop instant trust in the first 5 minutes
  •  How to establish instant credibility (even when you don’t have any)
$117   NOW ONLY $57 for a limited time only
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